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Here's What You'll Enjoy:

  • Day 1 - Connecting with a Strong Immune System
  • Day 2 - Release the Effect of Covid Vaccine and Shedding
  • Day 3 - Healing Parasites from Many of Our Dis-eases
  • Day 4 - Release the Physical / Mental Abuse Past Experiences and Stop Its Pattern Lifetime After Another
  • Day 5 - Stop Punishment to Self / Soul Punishment for Past Lives' Wrongdoing to Humanity and Bring Harmony and Peace to You and Your Soul

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Stefan Sczryba

Thank you, Joseph, for attending your recent 5-Day Meditation Challenge. You certainly over-delivered! Throughout the group calls, sharing your valuable insights and active involvement created a great atmosphere, and enhanced clarity, and the topics covered in your healing meditations are relevant, impactful, and nothing short of priceless. I‘m grateful for participating in the challenge and the profound shifts it has facilitated in my life. Thank you, Joseph, for your unwavering commitment with guiding others on their self-discovery healing journey. I’m blissed and thankful for having crossed your path.

Maura Christine Ryan

I just completed Joseph’s 5-Day Meditation Challenge, and he has surpassed himself (if that’s even possible). The deep meditations enabled me to embody the changes I wanted to make in each session and provided me with an awareness that the energy shifts were complete. The discussions during our calls were also very valuable in helping me connect the dots on things that had previously eluded me, and allowed me to let go of old perceptions and embrace new ones instantaneously. What an experience! Joseph, thank you so much for creating this challenge so masterfully. It has helped me to step over the edge of self-doubt and fear into trusting that I am supported each step of the way.

Yes, I'd Love the Meditations!